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PCD saw blade electron discharge machine

PCD saw blade electron discharge machine

Product name:PCD saw blade electron discharge machine




·Use copper or graphite electrodes, automatic turning, automatic compensation.
·It is more professional, more accurate, more efficient, more convenient than the cutting tool platform by technology by using the traditional carbide saw blade grinding plat form combined with EDM.
·Menu style management & design for products, just the product parameters into the menu system, the machine automatically adjust the relevant parameters, and a single input, permanent preservation, that is, call that work.
·Fire identification and emergency response system to ensure safety.
·Independent research and development of EDM system, multi file classification processing can choose different discharge levels according to different types of customers, in order to achieve the optimal choice of surface roughness and efficiency.
·Rough finish is finished in one time, no need to be processed separately.



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PCD saw blade electron discharge machine
PCD saw blade electron discharge machine
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